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Having lived the first twenty years of my life in Finland, I arrived in the United States in September of 1967 supported by a year’s scholarship from the State University of New York system, a great deal of enthusiasm, and rose-colored glasses. As an only child having just lost my parents, I was anxious for new surroundings free of sad memories; a new life.

     My ultimate goal was to become an English teacher in Finland. However, after a BA in German Literature and a Master’s in Speech/Language Pathology, my career led me to the world of the developmentally disabled, and I spent 30 years managing, administering and writing boring, professional reports.

     Writing had been my first love since the day I learned the alphabet. Only after retirement was I able to return to it and use my imagination creatively.

     If my career wasn’t enough, I got married and had two wonderful children, Lisa and Erik, who now along with their families, unfortunately, live too far away for frequent visits.

     These days, you can find me weaving on a loom, reading, or writing. In the summer, you might spot my husband and me kayaking in New York’s beautiful Finger Lakes.

     I never forgot my roots and keep actively in touch with relatives and friends in Finland. My love for my birth country is reflected in most of my writings.

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