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My Work

Pieces of My Career

I’ve put together a selection of my most recent and memorable work. I’m proud of each and every piece in my Author Portfolio, and hope you will enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them. For any inquiries, please get in touch.

Airplane Above the Clouds

Coming to America

November 2019

An essay published by the Canandaigua Writers Group about my journey to America.

Kuntta : Ulkosuomalaisten Antologia

January 2020

An anthology about what Finnishness means to a Finn living abroad. It is a compilation of essays, poems, and works by expatriate Finns living all over the world. Two of my essays, written in Finnish, are included.

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October 2020

An essay published by the Canandaigua Writers Group about a trip to Columbia, South Carolina, the 1968 Voter Registration Drive, and the struggle to impart change on an inflexible world.

Forever Chrysalis

Now available! 

A story about troubled relationships between mothers and daughters. Members of a high school quartet gather together after 20 some years to sing at the memorial service of a father of one of the women. During their short time together in the Finger Lakes, they rediscover each other and share their struggles with their relationships with their mothers. The mothers deal with issues of aging and the resultant frustrations. Two of the mothers make a trip to Finland and some of the problems get sorted out through their exposure to a different culture. A friend of the mothers causes a surprise twist in the story, bringing the past into a different light.

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